Contact persons and pictures of the Helsinki Conference

You can find the contact persons here
Here are also two pictures of the conference in HelsinkiDSC_0185DSC_0405


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Georgeta Stoican :Romanian legislation regarding domestic violence

Information by Georgeta Stoican about Romanian legislation regarding domestic violence

By Government Decision no. 1156/2012 was approved national strategy to prevent and

combat domestic violence in the period 2013-2017 and operational plan for implementation.

here you can find what the national legislative framework on preventing and combating domestic violence includes

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Documents of the final congress in Helsinki

Documents of the final congress 

  • Documents in the conference map
    Program Program
    Peter Krope ZKE
    summary helsinki4
  • Documents in the conference

10:00 Opening of the Congress Opening speech
Professor (emerita) Raija Sollamo OPENING SPEECH

10:15 Istanbul Convention and Equality between the Sexes in Finland
Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson ACADEMIC WOMEN

10:30 Finnish Law on Domestic Violence Professor Johanna Niemi FinVAW2015
11:00 National Legislation on Domestic Violence and Ratification of Istanbul Convention
Doctor of Medicine Patricia Aden, German Association of University Women Aden

11:15 Meeting with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel
Professor Gudrun Schmidt-Kärner, President of the “Frauen Europas-Deutschland” Gewalt gegen Frauen

11:30 Romanian Legislation on Domestic Violence from the Perspective of Roma people
Mrs. Iulia Halangescu, Executive Director of AMURTEL Roma

11:45 General Discussion

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Storytelling and Domestic Violence
Professor Dieter Klemenz and Diplom Pedagog Arne Kohrs (Kiel) Lecture2

14:30 Results of the Finnish Survey on Domestic Violence Met by Educated Women
Bachelor of Theology Maiju Pitkänen Hand out and ppt
Commented by Senior Researcher Markku Heiskanen Domestic Violence Met by Educated Finnish Women

15:15 Slovenian Survey on Domestic Violence Met by Educated Women
Mrs. Darja Teran, President of the Slovene Union of University Women SUUW DVMEW-summary

15:30 General Discussion

15:45 A Way ahead: Importance of Peer Support
Doctoral Student Anu Toija at CoCare Project led by Professor Anne Birgitta Pessi Anu Toija

16:00 Closing of the Meeting
Post-doctoral Researcher Sanna Saksela-Bergholm

PROJECT DAY ON SATURDAY 9. May 10:00-16:00

10:00 Kaja Kosec Analysis unemployed educated women
10:15 Discussion on resolution of the project / congress  Resolution_FINAL
11:00 Final report, discussion and workshops
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Workshops write parts of the final report
14:45 General discussion on the reports of the workshops
16:00 Closing of the meeting

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Final Congress in Helsinki May 2015

Academic Women’s Perspectives on Domestic Violence, on the of May 2015

Congress venue: Small Festival Hall of the University of Helsinki, Finland (Fabianinkatu 33, 4th floor)


Here you can find the

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The Conference in Ljubljana

The fourth congress of our Project DVMEW took Place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 6.-8. November, 2014. It was a very successful meeting which also produced several reports on national legislations and orders given to policeforces for concrete cases of domestic violence in different coutries. I attach three reports. Furthermore, Darja Teran has written a report on the results of the workshop held on Saturday Morning. Here you can find the reports.



Romanian Police. Responsabilities. Components.Training by Roxana Petrescu.pdf



Domestic Violence Ljubljana-logo.pptx

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Program of the Meeting in Ljubljana


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